Shamash Myastan

Dragonborn Sorcerer


A two meter tall dragonborn with a medium-big phisique, more robust than muscular. He has more draconic traits and features than a common dragonborn, with evident scales all over his body and prominent claws.

Usually wears simple tunics without sleeves, has always an orb and a couple of daggers attached to his belt.


Str: 10


Born in the Myastan clan from a priest of Bahamut and a female warrior, since childhood this young dragonborn has demonstrated a raw and talented control for the magical energies that fill the world. The elders of his clan were able to trace a draconic lineage in his ability to wield the power of the elements, but where unable to fully understand the source of such a lineage, as it was hidden in the ancestral origins of their clan.

Since the first time his talent revealed itself, this young dragonborn has been obsessed in finding a meaning to it, sincerely (or naively) believing that a greater destiny was reserved for him and his powers, a destiny forged since the origins of his mysterious lineage.

Because of this, once reached maturity, the young sorceror became a wandering sage, looking for magical and historical knowledge about his race and his draconic lineage. He is driven by his ambition to fully understand and discover the whole history of his race, trace every single original lineage that gave birth to the different clans, so that, maybe, he could discover the source of his powers and the greater meaning he believes is hidden in them.

Intimately a kind spirit, the young sorceror hides his soft heart under an image of severe self-discipline and, sometimes, rudeness. His belief that a greater destiny is reserved for him makes him give extreme importance for his race’s image and reputation, to the point that he would have little patience and/or compassion for anyone that would belittle them, either with words or actions.

Shamash Myastan

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