A Tyranny of Dragons

What has gone before...

For years, the evil Cult of the Dragon has devoted itself to creating undead dragons in a vain attempt to fulfill an ancient prophecy. However, the cultists were misguided. They misunderstood. But now, under new leadership, the cult believes that the prophecy does not speak of undead dragons, but of a dragon empire that’s been extinct for 25,000 years. Tiamat, Queen of Evil Dragons, has languished in the Nine Hells for millennia. The cult believes that the time of her return is at hand.

Hunting the Cultists - Sunday the 5th

I, Muad’Dib, stepped out to fight the gigantic Dragonborn. I drew forth my sword saying a prayer to Lathander and telling Kastro that my god required this of me. That I must fight this creature of darkness. I felt the will of Lathander fill me. I knew that I must unleash torrents of his cleansing fire. Upon the commencement of the duel by Shamash. The Dragonborn turned into a blur as he hurtled towards me. The first thrust of his massive spear hurtled past my head thrumming as I slid to the right raising my hand to call forth fire. But his second had slipped in and out of me in a heartbeat before I could so much as begin to think the command to burn him. It left a gaping wound on my abdomen. I fell to the earth. I remember only his stench and the power of the impact that rent my chain mail as if it were silk. Though I have fought battles before I have never encountered strength and speed like that only my long years hunting and quick reflexes let me avoid the first blow. That beast is a monster not of the light. I must destroy it and all who follow it.

I was treated by the cleric and woke from my trance refreshed feeling much stronger. Even stronger than I had been before. Infact vitality seemed to flood me upon my waking. I could feel the knowledge I had gained during my trance remaining. I felt now that I could cast more than two spells before I grew weary. The arcane felt more present more simple. Lathander had come to me in my trance and told me for my devotion he will give me aid once each day. I have only to call to him, raise my symbol of my faith and I can channel his divine strength to sear enemies of the faith with magnitude of his radiance. He told me to that I might call upon him turn aside the unspeakable evil that is those who remain in this plane beyond their natural death. They selfishly or are forced not to give themselves to the natural cycle of life. They deserve either way to be given back to nature.

I went to search for the others. I found them with the Commander Tarbaw and Escobert. They both offered their praise for my courage. The swift defeat was no shame they looked on me with awe that I would even dare to fight him at all or that I could dodge one blow of a beast like that. The bravery of compatriots was not lost on them either. They had marched out with me and made demands of the beast and his horde. In the face of the chanting shield beating army they had not wilted. He had released all the hostages. I suppose he has some bizarre honour then. I will not spare him though. Lathander demanded his death. They give us each a pouch of gold. Not something I have much knowledge of. But Kastro and Shamash seem pleased. The formers bag seems to disappear before it appeared. An odd one him. I’m not sure what order of preist he is. But none I have seen before has his ability to be entirely silent, pick locks and seem to disappear like one of my own kind. From what Shamash says he also has a talent for deception. But for all that he is markedly honest and is clearly a true believer in the cause. I do appreciate a priest who truly loves his god and fights for him with his natural skills. Too many are fat and useless. They have all been useful honest allies. A shame they are not also tools of Lathander.

We interrogate the captured men. Only one appears to be a believer the other just a hired sword. They give us an idea of the location of the raiding camp. Also that the Cult is trying to summon Tehi’Muht. I now understand Lathanders need to destroy these abomonations. Shamash metions that a man, a priest, with great knowledge of the cult is possibly there either captured or infiltrating the cult. His acolyte, a survivor at the keep told us of his master. The foremost expert on the Dragon Cult. We now decide that we must find this camp and this priest. He was wearing robes of blue and white. We have little else to go on.

The trail is easy to find and follow we come upon a resting band with a injured member. We converse softly and decide to follow them after I overhear that they will be rejoining the main band.

We split the group the priest volunteering to stalk them and us to follow him. He moves almost invisibly not far behind them only allowing us following behind him brief glimpses so we do not lose him. Suddenly I notice above us ahead on platforms string between trees. A collection of cultists and accolytes. They seemed shocked aswell. But a few immediately launch themselves at us. They hurl javelins Shamsh and I barely dodge them. I raised up my palm knowing now with 8 enemies before me the time to call for Lathander’s aid has come. I raise my hand bearing his symbol and call to him. I felt a great scrying light explode from me. I had no sense of self no existence at all. All was gone no senses remained. I saw and felt only white pure light. Then just as it had come it was gone. The creatures around looked shaken and burned. A javelin hit me then. I heard Shamash cry out in pain as well as it hammers glancing off my shoulder. Shamash spits acid one of the creatures melting before it wooden dragon mask and it’s sloughing off the bone at that too melts in to a hissing smoking pool. the one behind it appears to have lost it’s cloak and garments and is now only in it’s armour it’s skin a bright red clearly in some discomfort possibly pain. The acolytes try to cast spells at us muttering to Teih’Muht. They miss us both. A crack occurs as an arrow slices through one of the creatures still on it’s platform. Kastro disapearing again in to the brush. I call forth fire from my hands a torrent erupting like a wave. It flows accross the five enemies on the ground leaving only the heavily armoured one standing. He is charred and bleeding and close to death. He charges me his strikes miss and so does my first till I call forth Lathanders light to banish him in to death. He looks shocked for a heartbeat as holes open in him emitting white radiant light and then his whole body his gone and only a faint lingering glow remains. They are all dead now Shamash and Kastro killing the reamining acolytes.

We carry on our journey till we find the canyon guarded by a great tower.

Hunting The Black Dogs


I hope you have been able to follow the trail I left and that you find this message.

We tracked the bandits. It feels like a mistake. The Black Dogs have joined forces with a local discontent lizardfolk and have been raiding with them we tracked them back through the woods only to be ambushed on the second day.

There are 20 of them with us now.

They look to be none too difficult to dispatch. But I fear for what we will come upon.

We have been marched through the swamp north-east now. We are being taken to before Captain Kurtz. We think they are now worshipping some lizard demon. Be careful Shamash.

Your friend and companion,



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