Muad'Dib aka "Usul"

Wood Elf Cleric


AC = 17
DC = 14, 6
Initiative = +1
Speed = 35
Long Sword = 1d8 + 2
Long Bow = 1 d8
Chain Mail

Sacred Flame – 1 d8 radiant. 60ft.
Spare the Dying – Stabilises people on 0HP
Thaumaturgy -

Burning Hands – 15ft cone 3d6 dex save
Faerie Fire – 60ft range. 20 ft cube.
-Advantage on subsequent attacks against anyone caught by the spell
-Dex save
-Enemies are outlined in light



Not totally like the above but maybe a little in terms of aspect.

Around 6 feet tall. Muted copper coloured skin a little darker than usual Wood Elves. He seems to be at least part Wild Elf. There are faint tints of green in his skin and hair which is a deep brown. His eyes are hazel. He’s very muscular for an Elf. He weighs around 80+ kgs. His skin is smooth and unlined but he doesn’t seem young. He is quiet. Rarely will he utter the first word. He has a deep voice that often sounds hoarse and creaking from lack of use at first. It almost sounds like a tree given voice. You can hear the rumbling of bumblebees, the deep creaking of tree limbs and the soft whistling of leaves. For all that you can hear and see a brightness and kindness in him. He has the marks of solitude, the need to be alone for at least part of the day. He has a face that is both calm and yet somewhat forbidding. You can tell for all his kindness he does not tolerate fools.

He has some tattoos across his body. He has the mark of Lathander at the base of his neck and a tree growing up his back and across his shoulders. This is the only image he carries of his tree. His home.

He is largely looked down upon by fellow elves for his apparently dogmatic approach to religion. He chose a life of solitude after spending many years wandering the world as a member of the Dawnbringers. The Dawnbringers have almost entirely forgotten him assuming him long dead. He disappeared after the completion of his last mission and never returned. Knowledge of him slowly died and he became a distant memory to the few remaining who had known him. He is unsure of his own age but from the last things he remembers of the world he must be 200 years old. He most likely has spent 70 years in his woods, in isolation. Only some local wild elves knew of his existence. Information of which they passed on to a somewhat friendly wood elf who had known in him in his youth and who then mentioned him in passing to his friend Administer Elm.

He lived in total isolation atop his tree with only the shelter of a natural bowl in it’s branches. Evergreen ivy that he grew in a weave for his roof. He lived off only the proceeds of the forest.

His only true devotion is to life. He sees the world on a wider scale. He does outweigh the suffering of one against the suffering of the world. He does not believe in owning creatures and has a deep seated belief in that the natural world must be preserved. He thinks that all life is equal until it tries to burn and destroy life. He feels a deep sense of satisfaction when dispatching those who would do harm others.

Muad'Dib aka "Usul"

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